Calvo, A Comic Book'S Genius



Calvo, A Comic Book'S Genius

Edmond-François Calvo is a genius of the French comic strip. Although little known to the general public, he is nevertheless recognised by his peers. His unique graphic style, his way of playing with colours and the cinematic rendering of his drawings make him one of the major authors of the post-war period. He was able to express a personal avant-garde vision in his work. Art Spiegelman acknowledges his role in the genesis of Maus, and Albert Uderzo was influenced by the surrealism of his line... This investigation tells the story of this little-known artist through the testimony of great names in comics. Albert Uderzo, Art Spiegelman and Etienne Robial take us on a journey to meet this endearing man, a self-taught artist with a passion for his work and the author of numerous series.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Eclectic Production

Production year : 2012

Production country : France