Art investigation



Appolon Revealing His Divinity Before The Shepherdess Isse - Boucher

In 1750, François Boucher was the official court painter, he painted "Appolon Revealing His Divinity To The Shepherdess Isse". His multiple works wonderfully express the reign of Louis XV who appointed him painter to the king in 1765. He painted Apollo revealing his divinity to Issé. Who is the female character represented in this work? Who really commissioned and paid for it? We know that the painting arrived in Tours after a revolutionary seizure in 1794 at the Chanteloup castle, but what was its route between 1750 and 1794? What is the relationship between Boucher's painting and the libretto by the composer Destouches? Through this painting we will learn more about the history of the great favourite of King Louis XV.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Eclectic Production

Production year : 2013

Production country : France