Paul Alexandre - Modigliani



Paul Alexandre - Modigliani

Paul Alexandre - Modigliani
This famous artist is known as much for his paintings of indolent women as for his tumultuous life and premature death. The Italian painter is the embodiment of the myth of the cursed artist, mowed down by tuberculosis at the dawn of his fame. By following Modigliani in his Parisian peregrinations, and in the numerous studios where he stayed, this documentary opens the doors of the most famous artists' residences in the capital. Thanks to the exceptional testimony of Modigliani's granddaughter, as well as those of the interlocutors and artists who bring the painter back to life, "Art Investigation" plunges us into the daily life of these young émigrés of the Ecole de Paris who lived the Parisian bohemia of the beginning of the century.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Eclectic Production

Production year : 2011

Production country : France