Laocoon Enamel - Pierre Courteys



Laocoon Enamel - Pierre Courteys

Laocoon Enamel - Pierre Courteys
Dating from the 16th century, the Laocoon enamel is the largest enamel ever made in relief and is in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Limoges. It represents an ancient marble exposed in the Vatican, the Laocoon. Our investigation will therefore take us to Italy to find out how a Limoges craftsman, Pierre Courteys, was able to reproduce an ancient statue exhibited so far from home. We know almost nothing about him, except for the works he signed and dated, which are as daring as they are impressive. Art investigation sets out on the trail of this astonishing author and above all on this work which is the perfect example of renaissance art.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Eclectic Production

Production year : 2011

Production country : France