Sonia Delaunay



Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay is a French painter with Ukrainian origin born in 1885 under the name Sophie Stern and died in 1979. She is the pioneer of abstraction while her husband Robert Delaunay conceptualize abstraction as a universal language. She is an adept of the total art, experimenting varied support such as paintings, clothes or household objects. She also develops her skills in the theatre and in fashion that she commercialized in Madrid and then in Paris in 1920. After that, she takes an important place and play the role of the “smuggler” between the generation of the pioneers of abstraction and the 1950 generation. Her creativity and her techniques in her various works (paintings, mosaic, carpet, tapestry) will make her famous to the public.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : DOC EN STOCK

Production year : 2015

Production country : France