Maurice de Vlaminck



Maurice de Vlaminck

Maurice de Vlaminck
Maurice de Vlaminck was known in the fauvist and cubist movements. He was a great admirer of Van Gogh, and was frequently inspired by him in his paintings, using both very pure colour and swirling effects. He was more interested in the spatial and emotional qualities of colour. Traumatized by the war, Maurice de Vlaminck gave up on colourful explosions and began painting tormented landscapes in dark tones that defined a new obscure "manner. He persisted in the continuity of his work, painting is, and remains for him, a physical language, a language of emotions, a language of life in its vital momentum against death. He thus passed from impressionism to fauvism.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : DOC EN STOCK

Production year : 2016

Production country : France

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