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Maurice Utrillo & Suzanne Valadon

Maurice Utrillo & Suzanne Valadon
The world of modern painting is full of human stories that are off the beaten track. Suzanne Valadon's story is a perfect example. The daughter of a laundress and an unknown father, this woman, before becoming a painter, was the muse and model of the greatest masters of Impressionism who worked in Montmartre district of Paris. Suzanne Valadon painted still lifes, bouquets and landscapes remarkable for the strength of their composition and their vibrant colours. She is also known for her nudes painting. Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne’s son, began to paint regularly from 1910 and made a living from his painting. He produced hundreds of paintings over several decades. Representative painter of the School of Paris, Maurice Utrillo painted mainly landscapes in which often appear houses or corners of villages.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : DOC EN STOCK

Production year : 2016

Production country : France

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