Van Gogh's starry nights

Margaux Jouault
Publié le 28 January 2023
Van Gogh's starry nights

Everyone knows Vincent Van Gogh. We have all seen Sunflowers of the famous Dutch painter. But do you know the story behind Van Gogh's famous starry nights? Museum TV will take a look at two wonderful paintings for you!

Starry night on the Rhône

Starry Night on the Rhône - Van Gogh
Starry Night on the Rhône - Van Gogh (1888)

One day, the artist decided to start a new painting with an original idea. Indeed, one evening in 1888, Van Gogh decided to paint at night. This idea led him to take his easel to the banks of the Rhône. However, there were no street lamps on the banks of the famous river at the time. This is an important detail, because only the sky was illuminating his canvas. As you can imagine, the painter could not see anything at all…

But he decided to hang a small candle above his easel so that he could see what he was painting. The idea was a success, as Starry Night on the Rhone is one of his greatest paintings.

The painting can be seen in the famous Orsay Museum in Paris!

Starry night

Starry Night - Van Gogh
Starry Night - Van Gogh (1889)

You probably know that there is another painting by the famous Dutch painter depicting the sky. The Starry Night is one of the greatest masterpieces of Van Gogh. In this work, the sky occupies the majority of the painting. We see swirls and swirls reminiscent of nebule. Halos form around the moon and stars.

A few months after painting Starry Night on the Rhône, Van Gogh was interned. However, from his bedroom window, the artist decided to paint the sky in a different way. Psychologically fragile, he depicts the violence of his condition in his painting. The trees look like flames and the stars in the sky are in circular motion.

A masterpiece that can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

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