War and Peace - In the eye of Pablo Picasso



War and Peace - In the eye of Pablo Picasso

In this episode we visit the city of Vallauris where Pablo Picasso became fascinated by the town and the ceramics after visiting an exhibition and it’s where he lived for a decade. The city remains forever marked by the work of this protean artist. Picasso is known in Vallauris for the chapel of the castle and its impressive cycle of paintings entitled "War and Peace". It is also in the museum of ceramics that some of the most beautiful works of the "potter" Picasso are exhibited. The sculpture of “Man with a Sheep”, placed on the Market Square, testifies to the artist's attachment to the city and its inhabitants. In 1959, the castle chapel was inaugurated with his masterpiece "War and Peace" just across the museum Magnelli.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Bel Air Media / Mediart

Production year : 2022

Production country : France