Jardin / Théâtre / Bestiarium

Jardin / Théâtre / Bestiarium
This film tells the genesis of the exhibition Jardin-Théâtre Bestiarium and its evolution. The art historian Guy Tortosa tells us about this unique adventure initiated by the gallery owner and author Rüdiger Schöttle and carried by the curator Chris Dercon, who reveals to us how such a project was born. The artists Dan Graham, Alain Séchas and Marin Kasimir give us their memories and their retrospective analyzes of this experience. The artist Xavier Veilhan claims this exhibition as a major influence for his generation and Bernard Blistène, director of the National Museum of Modern Art, puts in perspective with the history of theater, gardens and cinema. The testimonies respond and complement each other in the course of an investigation that sheds light on the multiple challenges of this prototype exhibition, regularly adjusted during its successive demonstrations.

Duration : 52 mins


Production year : 2017

Production country : France