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Portzamparc, a moving architect
Christian de Portzamparc is today one of the greatest architects in the world. His works can be found on every continent, from Europe to Asia and the two Americas. In 1999, he designed the LVMH tower in the middle of Manhattan. It is the first time a Frenchman has built a skyscraper in New York. Ten years later, the towers located at 400 Park Avenue and opposite Carnegie Hall are under construction, while a project is in the works at Riverside on the Hudson River. In 1994, Christian de Portzamparc was the youngest laureate and the first Frenchman to receive the Pritzker Prize, the "Nobel Prize for Architecture". The endearing portrait of a man whose imprint will have left its mark on his time, with numerous archive, professional and personal images.

Duration : 52 mins


Production year : 2011

Production country : France

Ce programme n'est pas disponible actuellement.