Who was Rembrandt?

Gilles Farina
Publié le 17 August 2023
Who was Rembrandt?

He is undoubtedly one of the most renowned artists from the Netherlands. While many artists, such as Monet, Rubens, or Velázquez, sign their surnames, Rembrandt chose to sign with his first name. This choice seems apt on the canvas… After all, "Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn" isn't exactly a short signature to fit at the bottom of a piece! As you can deduce, Museum TV invites you to explore the world of Rembrandt.

A passion for self-portraits

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest painters in the annals of art history. Rembrandt thrived during the Dutch Golden Age, a period when the cultural, scientific, commercial, and political prowess of the Netherlands reached its pinnacle.

Let's delve into the numerous self-portraits he painted throughout his career. These works, totaling over a hundred, chronicle his personal journey from the age of 20 to 60.

One of the defining traits of his work is the masterful play of light and shadow, creating compelling contrasts that captivate the eye. Rembrandt isn't merely a painter of beauty or affluence; he embodies compassion and humanity in his work. This is evident in the expressions of his subjects, often portraying those weathered by age or touched by hardship.

His predominant themes were portraits (often of immediate family members), self-portraits, and biblical scenes. However, Rembrandt also produced a globally renowned painting. Alongside his contemporaneous peers like Rubens and Caravaggio, he is recognized as a luminary of Baroque painting. He profoundly influenced the 17th-century art history with his magnum opus: The Night Watch.

The Night Watch - Rembrandt
The Night Watch - Rembrandt

So go ahead and discover the works of this great Dutch artist!

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