The incredible story of Paul Cézanne

Gilles Farina
Publié le 15 February 2023
The incredible story of Paul Cézanne

We all know Paul Cézanne. His paintings are world-famous and the artist became one of the leaders of Impressionism. His life was turned upside down by an encounter with a man who was criticized by his contemporaries. Here is a look at the incredible story of Paul Cézanne!

Paul Cézanne the impressionist

As everyone knows, Cézanne was an impressionist painter. In other words, the artist freed himself from the academic art that imposed its definition of art on all artists. Indeed, all the subjects and codes of painting imposed by the academy conditioned the artists to respect the rules if they wished to be exposed.

But the Impressionists themselves exhibited their work! Unfortunately, this was a dismal failure, as the rebels of the brush were shunned by critics and the public. Disappointed and touched by the public's reception, Paul Cézanne decided to return to his beloved Provence.

A miraculous encounter

Exiled in his Provence, Cézanne had no idea that a young student would change his life. Ambroise Vollard was in the habit of buying the paintings of little-known artists for nothing and selling them on. Cézanne painted a picture of his angel from heaven.

Paul Cézanne : "Ambroise Vollard", 1899.
Paul Cézanne : "Ambroise Vollard", 1899.

Thus, upon discovering the works of Cézanne, he decided to mount an exhibition on this artist who was misunderstood by his peers. It was an immediate success! Despite the exorbitant cost of the exhibition, the public was there. As you can see, this exhibition marked the end of official art!

Thus, Cézanne was able to blossom and leave us wonderful paintings that we still appreciate today. The Musée d'Orsay in particular, where the Impressionists are the masters.

So, did you know all those things about him ?

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