Do you know Gustav Klimt?

Gilles Farina
Publié le 26 May 2023
Do you know Gustav Klimt?

In the history of art, one theme has been constantly addressed: love! A theme that undoubtedly evokes dreams, but also, and above all, has inspired numerous painters. Today, Museum TV invites you to discover Gustav Klimt and his famous painting, "The Kiss."

Love according to Klimt

It is indeed challenging to summarize love through a single artist or even a single painting. However, Klimt depicted it in a unique way in his work. Gustav Klimt is recognized as the greatest painter of the Art Nouveau period. He is even considered the leader of the Vienna Secession, a group of German and Austrian artists who rejected the conservative artistic institutions.

His artworks attract many people and achieve great success. However, the criticism towards him becomes increasingly sharp... Indeed, Klimt received scathing critiques for his three-part painting on the ceiling of the University of Vienna. It was labeled as pornographic and perverse excess. We'll leave it up to you to judge for yourself:

His characteristic style is evident here, featuring women, allegorical scenes, and landscapes. What do you think about it?

Zoom on The Kiss

Gustav Klimt is an Austrian painter who painted one of the most expensive portraits in the world.

In this painting created in 1907, we can see two figures without being able to identify them definitively. Some specialists perceive them as Dionysus, the Greek god, or the painter himself with his companion Emilie Floge. Regardless, the essence of the artwork lies in the hidden messages conveyed by the artist.

Indeed, the rectangular motifs evoke the power of man, while the circular motifs represent the grace of women. So, forget the bouquet of flowers, this painting is adorned with gold leaf. It is a canvas full of poetry, where the viewer is invited to decipher and understand this golden scene.

Furthermore, one could even find a resemblance to Japanese prints in its simplified composition and use of flat areas.

You now know everything about The Kiss by Klimt !

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