Publié le 29 Mars 2018

Everyone can learn how to draw. Writing is a form of drawing. By learning how to write as a child, as an adult you know how to write, but if you learnt to draw as a child, you’d be able to draw as well as you can write. Do you get our meaning?

If you’re like most people—shy, lacking in confidence, and certain that drawing is not for you—then why not try this? Free-of-charge and in good company, what more can you ask for?



Every evening at 8.30pm, thanks to Sketchbook, MUSEUM’s drawing lesson presented by Raphael Federici (street artist), Claire Castagnet (painting teacher) Sophie Lambda (illustrator) and Masis (Realism expert), you’ll soon be a sketchbook champion.

You’ve waited a long time. Now, here it is. Thanks to MUSEUM!

Beginning on Saturday, 10 February, watch the new season of Sketchbook!

A new season of daily art classes!
Join Raphael Federici (street artist) in the company of his new crew: Sophie Lambda (illustrator), Claire Castagnet (painter) and Masis Margosian (drawing expert).
This month, why not try your hand at black and white colouring, and design a travelogue or advertising poster?