Be all things to All things to all people?



Be all things to All things to all people?

Be all things to All things to all people?
The Met’s 150th anniversary plans have been derailed by the global pandemic and in summer 2020, the museum begins to confront its past. The executive team examines the institution’s record on inclusion, exclusion and diversity. Questions are raised about some of The Met’s most treasured objects, many obtained unethically and reflecting the tastes of the wealthy 19th-century industrialists and entrepreneurs who founded the museum. Curators work to add important historical context to culturally insensitive pieces that encourage dialogue and understanding through the exploration of art in the museum with differing points of view. A Black family from Connecticut tours the museum and shares their experience viewing The Met’s art and representation, and leading contemporary artists speak about the political and cultural resonance of their work.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : Oxford Films / Apostles / WNET Group / BBC

Production year : 2021

Production country : United Kingdom

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