Gaudi's Message

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Gaudi's Message
The great architect Antoini Gaudi left the Sagrada Familia unfinished after his death over 90 years ago. Without any sketches and blueprints to follow, this stunning film reveals how an international team of architects cracked the code behind one of the cornerstones of Gaudi's visionary cathedral. After Gaudi's death, the blueprints for the symbolic Nativity façade were lost in the chaos of the Spanish Civil War. It was a celebrated Japanese sculptor assigned to finish the six ornate gates, who was finally able to decode Gaudi's original intentions, and execute the will of the great master. By tracing Gaudi's life-story from his childhood in Reus and travelling across Spain to visit the sites of his first commissions, the sculptor Etsuro Sotoo guides us through the fifteen year process of bringing the Nativity façade to completion. Capturing the moment of the Façade’s completion and images of Sagrada Familia, this is the story of one man's bold vision to recreate the vision of the great architect with unsurpassed dedication and passion.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : NHK

Production year : 2016

Production country : Japon

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