Fabrice Hyber, Nuancier

Pop art

Fabrice Hyber, Nuancier
This documentary presents the four simultaneous exhibitions of the artist Fabrice Hyber in autumn-winter 2012: "Essential, homeopathic paints" at the Maeght Foundation, "POF / Object Prototypes in Operation" at MAC / VAL, "Raw materials "at the Palais de Tokyo and "Without embarrassment "at the Institut Pasteur. Interviews of the artist in each place as well as Olivier Kaeppelin (Fondation Maeght), Frank Lamy (MAC / VAL), Jean de Loisy (Palais de Tokyo) or Olivier Schwartz (Institut Pasteur) allow understand the richness and diversity of Fabrice Hyber's interventions in these different places.

Duration : 52 mins


Production year : 2013

Production country : France

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