Artist's Workshop




In this episode, we will meet the artist Ben. Active on the contemporary art scene for over 50 years, he is a self-taught, multi-faceted character. His success is undeniable. If his status as an artist is affirmed through his famous writings painted in white cursive letters on a black background, his temperament as a "jack of all trades" has made him one of the most avant-garde artistic personalities in the art world since the 1960s. Attached more than anything else to his region, the artist has been working and living for over 40 years in the heights of Nice, in Saint-Pancrace, in a house where each room can become a studio, and where the progressive lack of space has led him to create an extension, the doors of which he is now opening to us.

Duration : 13 mins

Producer : Museum

Production year : 2017

Production country : France