Pop art

Yann Nguema, light virtuoso
Yann Nguema, former bassist of Ez3kiel group is a multifaceted artist: graphic designer, musician, computer programmer but also multimedia artist. He distinguished himself at the Festival of Lights in Lyon in 2016 where he won the "Trophy of Lights" through the innovative combination of laser beams and dynamic light, In 2018, it meets for the second consecutive year to call the city of Metz and achieves exceptional mapping of the cathedral of the city. Using the stones of the cathedral as many pixels, it plays on the relief of the building and uses it as a monumental projection screen. Since the project's genesis in his Tours workshop to completion on the facade of the cathedral, Yann Nguema transports the viewer into his poetic universe.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Museum

Production year : 2018

Production country : France

Ce programme n'est pas disponible actuellement