Fine arts

Cezanne and the Sainte Victoire
The Cézanne road is the only road in France listed building. This is the path, lined with beautiful landscapes and changing, we will follow in the footsteps of the artist to detect which resulted in him almost obsessive passion for this unique limestone massif. Indeed, more than just a subject, the Sainte-Victoire mountain became a character or even a full-fledged museum, in the painting of Paul Cézanne. Rooted in its land of Provence, Aix painter has shown more than eighty times, fascinated by how it took the light, but also by a more intimate attraction and complex to a subject to which it will go to lend feelings and that will be to the faith his joy and suffering.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : France Televisions / AMDA Production

Production year : 2017

Production country : France

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