Scribes of Ancient Egypt

Fine arts

Scribes of Ancient Egypt
The graphic art of ancient Egypt is very familiar to us, since it was so widely used. We find extraordinary graphic representations on sarcophagi, papyrus scrolls, the walls of tombs and other buildings. They are testimony to a lasting taste for "the art of the contour", and allow us to understand this ancient civilization like no other. The figure we know less about is the artist himself, the scribe. It was he who was the source of these representations; he who, with a simple stroke of a reed pen or paint brush, gave birth to the entire art of Egypt. Respecting precise codes, the scribe’s skills remained unchanged for more than three millennia. They sketched people, signs, plants, animals and geometric figures with a rare visual poetry, like a writer, a scientist, a sociologist or an artist. In this film, we will discover who these scribes really were, and their importance for the society of the Pharaohs. From Saqqara to the Valley of Kings and the abundant collections of European museums, the most beautiful works will be examined, along with the secrets behind their production.

Duration : 52 mins

Producer : musée du Louvre - Arturo Mio - Arte G.E.I.E 2013

Production year : 2013

Production country : France

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