Digital Arts: (R)evolution?

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Digital Arts: (R)evolution?
Digital arts have been evolving very quickly since the 60’s. Immersive, generative, participatory, 3D, augmented reality... digital arts embrace multiple forms. This documentary will try to define its contours to answer the question : Digital arts, an evolution or a revolution ? Digital art has no boundaries and intends to play with our perception of reality. From Biennale Nemo to the School of fine arts, from galleries to museum, we have traveled the roads of reality to explore its borders. Meet the experts to discover an up-and-coming art where humans interact with technological performances. Who are these new artists? How is this art welcomed in our societies? And how does it revolutionize our approach and our perception of art?

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : Museum / KPL Prod

Production year : 2018

Production country : France

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