In November at Museum, surrealism is in the spotlight !

Gilles Farina
Publié le 1 November 2022
In November at Museum, surrealism is in the spotlight !

To keep you entertained during the long autumn evenings, Museum TV puts surrealism in the spotlight!

An avant-garde movement born in the wake of Dada after the First World War, Surrealism embodies both an attitude and a group of artists and intellectuals. Transdisciplinary, it was nevertheless led by a dominant personality, André Breton, the author of the Manifesto of Surrealism in 1924. According to the French writer, the Surrealist approach lies in the exploration of the unconscious, whether in writing or in the arts. Through this recourse to the omnipresent theme of dreams, he updated the principles of symbolism. 

From 10 November onwards, you can watch Surrealists every Thursday at 8pm :

The World's Greatest Painters - Salvador Dalí - Thursday 10 November at 8pm - NEW

Salvador Dalí was one of the leading exponents of surrealism and one of the most masterful figures in 20th century art. He was both one of the most controversial and popular artists. Influenced by Impressionism at a very young age, he left his native Figueras to go to Madrid. In 1929, in Paris, he officially joined the Surrealist group. The artist drew on his psychoses and painted his deepest obsessions. Often denounced for his provocations, his taste for money and his provocative political stances, Dalí created event at each appearance and quickly became a media phenomenon. The one who nicknamed himself the ''polymorphous pervert'' made his approach around intriguing erotic universes that turned the art world upside down. 

The World's Greatest Painters - René Magritte - Thursday 17 November 8pm- NEW 

René Magritte discovered futurism in 1919. He painted his first surrealist canvas in 1925. His works often played on the gap between an object and its representation. He participated in the Belgian surrealist activities, then, installed near Paris from 1927 to 1930, in those of the French group. With an impersonal figurative technique, as thoughtful as attentive to visionary suggestions, he proceeded to a questioning of the relationships between things. Between their reality, their image, their conceptual content, the words designating this confrontation opened the doors of imaginary. Magritte's work was marked by his mother's suicide by drowning when he was fourteen. Elements of this event was often found in his paintings. 

The World's Greatest Painters - Joan Miró - Thursday 24 November at 8pm - NEW

Joan Miró is one of the main representatives of the surrealist movement. He was first influenced by fauvism, then cubism before joining André Breton's surrealist group. Seduced by his trip to Paris in 1920, he decided to divide his life between the French capital and Spain. There he met Picasso, but also Tristan Tzara, and even participated in the Dada movement. Painter, ceramist and sculptor, he shows great imagination, humor and fantasy to give new life to the objects and forms that surround him. The works he leaves are immense, simply commensurate with the talent, imagination and creativity of this exceptional artist. 

Signé Dalí - Thursday 1st December at 8pm

Robert Descharnes and his son Nicolas are the only experts in the world to be unanimously recognized and authorised to formally authenticate a Dalí. 

The film reveals the astonishing work of these art experts, who formed a close bond with Salvador Dalí, and whose task and responsibility in the 1980s was to identify and remove forged and fake Dalís from the art market. 

Their assessments and numerous anecdotes give us an unexpected and unique glimpse into a particular, historical moment of the painter’s life. 

See you soon on Museum TV!