Tadashi Kawamata Gandamaison

One hundred fifty students from the National School of Architecture of Versailles, a teaching team of ten teachers, various technical services, all mobilized for several months around a joint project led by Tadashi Kawamata with, for one and only unusual tool, five a thousand wooden crates! Ordinary means for an extraordinary result: Gandamaison, the construction of fragile, modular and ephemeral architectures. Gilles Coudert's film documents the workshop led by Tadashi Kawamata and his installation at La Maréchalerie art center. It shows the whole process by giving voice to the various actors and images the concepts that have presided over the content of the project by drawing a parallel with the restoration of sculptures in the garden of the Palace of Versailles.

Duration : 30 mins


Production year : 2008

Production country : France