Animal Normal : Conversations with Yona Friedman 2007-2014

Animal Normal : Conversations with Yona Friedman 2007-2014
Filmed in his apartment on Boulevard Garibaldi, probably his major plastic work, Friedman shares with us a generous thought where the individual becomes a responsible actor again the improvement of its environment. Drawing on references as varied as analytical or holistic thinking, cooking, the laws of nature, canine sensitivity, the art of graffiti or ancestral construction practices, it conveys a vision of the world and architecture where improvisation, education, irregularity, communication, creativity, immateriality, mobility are vectors of freedom. Filmed sequences that show the artist at work as well as recent and recent work punctuate and enrich these interviews.

Duration : 48 mins

Producer : APRES PRODUCTION, Double Elephant

Production year : 2014

Production country : France

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