Pop art

Pop art
MuMo is a mobile museum funded by "L’Art à l’enfance" whose objective is to raise children’s awareness of contemporary art through a travelling museum housed in a specially-designed lorry-driven container. Upon reaching its destination, the container opens and transforms into a museum with three distinct spaces, each of which takes the child into a different world: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, design… The featured artists, James Turrell, Ghada Amer, Daniel Buren, Yong Ping Huang, Pierre Huygue, Paul McCarthy, Nari Ward, Lawrence Weiner, Cherry Samba, Maurizio Cattelan, Jim Lambie, Roman Signer, among others, have each proposed a work they specifically created for the Mobile Museum. Gilles Coudert followed MuMo from the design stage through to construction, then trailed the mobile museum as it travelled to villages and schools. MuMo was assembled in England, then introduced for the first time at the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris. Mumo then went on tour in both France and Africa. Mumo’s voice is spoken by Charles Berling who recounts Mumo’s adventures on two continents. The commissioners, the architect, the artists themselves, art historians, mediators and Mumo’s driver also take the floor and discuss the challenges of such an experience. As the mobile museum makes its stops, we witness the reactions of the children and hear from the teachers, school directors and the town mayors who host the museum. The film reveals how children from totally different backgrounds perceive these works of art, and shows, through the two tours, how contemporary art has developed a universal language which contributes to facilitating relations between individuals whilst promoting diversity as a true asset.

Duration : 01 h 11 mins


Production year : 2012

Production country : France