Damien Hirst, Cherry Blossoms

Damien Hirst’s latest series, Cherry Blossoms, is a continuation of his career-long investigation into painting. The artist reinterprets, with playful irony, the traditional subject of landscape painting as well as the great artistic movements of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, from Impressionism to Action Painting. The exhibition presents 30 paintings chosen by the artist among the 107 canvases of the series, all large-format. The scenography is voluntarily sober, without comments, in order to leave the visitors the pleasure of immersing themselves in the painting. Cherry Blossoms is Hirst’s first museum exhibition in France.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : HENI - Damien Hirst - Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Production year : 2021

Production country : France