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S01 E09


Designers: Istanbul, New-York, Helsinki-Madrid

I am
In this episode, we will talk about different designers from Istanbul, New-York, Helsinki or Madrid. Safak Emrence and Basak Emrence are two designers who founded Zemberek Tasarim, an organization specialized in show rooms and commercial activities. Now they are engaged in the interior and exterior construction of brand-new hotels. Marc Dizon is a designer who works in New York. He is appreciated in the field of interior, furniture and industrial design. After working with the architect Richard Meier for the design of the Jubilee Church and the Ara Pacis in Rome, he specialized in custom interior design. Tapio Rosenius and Jari Vuorinen, known as Lighting Design Collective, are specialized in architectural lighting solutions, covering leading services such as the creation of digital content, software development and innovative design strategies.

Duration : 26 mins

Producer : MAGNETFILM GmbH

Production year : 2015

Production country : Italie