Archi & Design



Isabelle Guédon and Benjamin Caron

Archi & Design
She’s a chatterbox, he’s quiet, she comes from the fashion world, he dreamt of being a boot maker. They’ve known each other since the age of thirteen, they have a daughter and a motto: make your life a game, well in their case games... bingo! Creativity and knowhow put together have allowed them to give the best of their talent with the noble yet difficult material that is leather. The best of their talent means that they’ve given it a twist, they’ve hunted it down, observed it and transformed it to eventually create some chess and backgammon games so brilliantly executed that they’ve seduced the most informed buyers around the world... Far from resting on their success, they’re now starting to conquer other techniques, other worlds... in order to carry on making a game of their life !

Duration : 13 mins

Producer : TV ONLY

Production year : 2011

Production country : France