The world song

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The film offers an immersion into the world of Jacques Ferrandez, one of the biggest names in the French comic strip, on the occasion of his new creation: adaptation as graphic novel to Gallimard's book Jean Giono, published in 1934, the song of the world. In his workshop, but also in different Provençal scenery location history, the spectator is invited to share all stages of the development of the work, by learning the secret techniques of the 9th art: writing, trails, sketches, storyboards, pencils, ink, setting colors. Jacques Ferrandez born in Algiers in 1955, and grew up in Nice, where his parents settled by choice shortly after birth. There studied at Villa Arson, then National School of Decorative Arts, and published his first drawings in 1978 in the journal tuned. Therefore, the two Mediterranean roots (Algerian and Provencal) often mark his copyright work, causing it to open up to “human history, geography and culture” from its own history. In his books, Jacques Ferrandez continues indeed to question “his” Mediterranean “hot and wonderful center of civilization.” Carnets d'Orient, the mass spends it to Algeria French conquest in the War of Independence, published by Casterman, imposes as one of the leading authors of his generation. The strength of the images Ferrandez writes Gilles Kepel, restores the “intact sensations experienced formerly universe”, “reviving flavors and fragrances today dispelled” all “by remembering violence, destructive or midwife, identities of 'Algeria”.The work of Jacques Ferrandez is now rich with forty books.

Duration of the full program :52 mins

Director : Michel Viotte

Producer : Museum

Year : 2019

Country : France