Digital revolution – 8. A thousand and one noises

Next broadcast Thursday, March 11 at 4:55 PM

For each era different tools : today's brushes are digital. The works of art are now interactive, moving, connected or dematerialized, exploring new sensory dimensions. These last
years, “classical” arts and countercultures have known many revolutions. This series is dedicated to this “Digital revolution”, this new art, created thanks to new technologies in the hands of daring artists, inventors and activists.

Present in all human societies since the Pre-historic times, music has been revolutionised by the arrival of the digital world. Often used in digital art festivals, object of collaboration between musicians and visual artists, Music has definitely entered museums and art galleries over the past years. Discover the work of DJ Chloe Thevenin and the searcher Robert Schnell, the collective Scale, and the Canadians Myriam Bleau and Martin Messier.

Duration of the full program :26 mins

Producer : Effervescence

Year : 2018

Country : France

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