Digital revolution – 2. Living pictures

For each era different tools : today's brushes are digital. The works of art are now interactive, moving, connected or dematerialized, exploring new sensory dimensions. These last
years, “classical” arts and countercultures have known many revolutions. This series is dedicated to this “Digital revolution”, this new art, created thanks to new technologies in the hands of daring artists, inventors and activists.

Breaking with the habits of passive contemplation, and a certain elitism that goes with it, Interactive art engage the body of the visitor which becomes part of the work of art. By blurring the lines between the artist and the spectator, interactivity opens new horizons, full of magic and games. At a time where interactivity is everywhere, how do artists seize the subject and its mechanism to engage the audience. Meet Catherine Ikam, Random International, choregrapher Gwendaline Bachini and Samuel Bianchini, four artists who use interactivity in their art.

Duration of the full program :26 mins

Producer : Effervescence

Year : 2018

Country : France

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