Artist’s Workshop [S1] – 11. Geneviève Claisse

Welcome in Genevieve Claisse's workshop. Geneviève Claisse (17 July 1935, in Quiévy – 30 April 2018, in Dreux) was a French geometrical abstract painter. Her painting vocation was born through reading the magazine Art d'aujourd'hui, tribune of geometrical abstraction. Claisse was the great niece of abstract painter Auguste Herbin, a founder of the Parisian association of artists Abstraction-Création. Herbin saw Claisse's work for the first time when she was eighteen years old, and encouraged her to continue painting. Like Herbin, Claisse's work shows a devotion to the ideals of formal purity and the perfection of execution. At this young age she worked tirelessly, often working at night after a day in the studio, carefully painting abstract forms on bold, colorful canvases.

Duration of the full program :13 mins

Director : Geneviu00e8ve Claisse

Producer : Museum

Year : 2015

Country : France

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