Colouring Light : Brian Clarke – an artist apart

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Director Mark Kidel has chosen an ideal subject for this unusually intimate and rewarding glimpse into the artistic process. Visually, Brian Clarke’s grandest works are made for the moving camera, with the changing light and colour of his stunning stained-glass installations beautifully filmed. But Clarke is also an articulate, thoughtful and often brash interviewee, whose warm relationships with those around himreflect on him very well. This one-time antiestablishmentarian is now firmly part of the showbiz firmament – having grown up with punk, he nowgets commissioned by Pfizer – and his long-held suspicion of the Christian faith was overcome by a visit to a small Swiss church. Spirituality and consumerism, faith and doubt, working together to create great art, often more subversive that it initially appears.

Duration of the full program :59 mins

Director : Mark Kidel

Producer : PoorHouse

Year : 2011

Country : United Kingdom

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